Easter – What’s it all about?

Easter – what’s it all about?
There are bunnies, chicks, chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. But what is Easter really all about? Is it something just for the children? The church seems to make a big deal about it so maybe it’s something to do with God, but much of that seems a bit random. A man on a cross and an empty grave site?!

So let’s have a look at what Christians believe.
God made the world and everything in it. He loves the people he has made. God, as creator, gave the people rules to keep them safe and well and in relationship with him – because he loved them dearly.

The people God made wanted to do their own thing (the Bible calls this sin: Shove off God, I’m in charge Not you!) and every time we turn on the TV news or look, really look, at our own lives, we see where that got us; wars, murders, sickness, betrayal, lies, jealousy and death.  God saw what a mess his people had made of his world and the way they’d walked away from him. They hadn’t just broken his rules but his heart. Just like a rebellious child, God’s people needed to be punished. The Bible calls this hell. Constant separation from everything that is good and right – for ever.
God loves the people he has made so much but, as a just God, the bad stuff needs punishing (and we want this too when we see the atrocities around us.) Someone needs to be punished!

At Easter, Jesus took the punishment we deserve. He agreed with God to do this. As he was dying on the cross, all God’s wrath and justice for the wrong we do was being poured on to Jesus, every last bit of it. As Jesus died, he cried: ‘It is finished!’ It’s all paid.
Jesus was laid in a grave. Soldiers guarded the spot yet on the third day no one could find the body. Jesus, alive and well, showed himself to many people for 40 days before returning to heaven.

Now it’s our job to believe this for ourselves. Talk to God (pray) asking him for his forgiveness for doing our own thing. Thank him that Jesus was punished so we don’t have to be. Thank him that because of this we can be in relationship with him again.
What’s Easter all about? New life if you accept all that Jesus did for you.
Why not come to one of our Easter services to find out more?

Good Friday
Ford’s Lane Church @ 9.45 am
 followed by outdoor service
 outside Bramhall Methodist Church @ 11.00 am

Easter Sunday
9:45 am at Ford’s Lane Church , Ford’s Lane, Bramhall, SK7 1DQ