Parenting Course

Help guide your children through the stages of childhood and build stronger family relationships as they journey through the rollercoaster of life

Primary Years with white background

Focussing on children from 5 to 11 years, The Primary Years helps parents look at how to support their child as they start to find out how the world works, learn how to manage their feelings, find out what they’re good at and experience the consequences of keeping or breaking the rules.

How does it work?

Sharing ideas with other parents and carers is an important part of the course, and discussions are started from real life situations. Each session includes space to plan any changes you want to make in your parenting and, from week 2, you will have an opportunity to discuss how you’re getting on with trying these at home.

Session titles

  • What being a parent’s really like
  • Children’s needs
  • Feelings and listening
  • Boundaries and parenting styles
  • Keeping safe
  • Building strong families
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There’s something very special about meeting other mums and dads in our sessions for parents. The benefits of sharing ideas and experiences with other parents can last a lifetime.

We know that being a parent can be both rewarding and challenging. Our sessions are here to support you and to help you build a strong and secure relationship with your child, whatever their age.

They include group discussions and practical tasks to help you build on your strengths and give you time and space to think about any changes you want to make. A helpful, easy to read handbook is included with each course.

We run these sessions, usually in the church hall, on average twice a year, choosing from the list below depending where the greatest need is at the time. They are made up of four-six 2-hour sessions, each led by trained and experienced facilitators.

Find out more about each of our parenting courses featured below or email us with your query.

Time Out for Parents: The Early Years
Bringing together mums and dads to look at building healthy relationships with their babies, toddlers and pre schoolers and develop learning through fun and play.
Time Out for Parents: The Primary Years – Help guide your children through the next stage of childhood and build stronger family relationships as they journey through the rollercoaster of life.
Time Out for Parents: Handling Anger in the Family – Four sessions to help you and your child understand, recognise and handle anger safely and healthily. Anger can threaten family life. Heated words, unresolved arguments, fights and an uneasy home atmosphere can cause families to lose trust in each other and drift apart.